Summer Success Story: Brightwood

Our first featured summer success story comes from Shonna Majors with Brightwood Community Center. Shonna shares about Erin, a young person in Central Indiana who excelled this summer with Brightwood’s programs:


Erin came to Brightwood Community Center because she was expelled from school, six classes behind and at risk of not graduating high school next year. The school she attends reached out to see if we could help her get back o n track for graduation. Erin was extremely reluctant to come to the center to work on her high school classes. She cried and was so upset. The second week came around and her demeanor slowly began to change toward staff and being at the BWCC. Our relationship began to build and her trust for the center's staff began to strengthen. After just three weeks of coming to the center, Erin completed her classes on line and is now caught up and will be a senior in the fall. The story is not over. Summer camp began at BWCC and Erin asked if she could volunteer as a camp counselor (unpaid) to help out with the kids. We have 27 children enrolled and Erin does an exceptional job with them all. She reads with the small kids, plays sports, goes swimming and creates activities for the kids in the afternoon. Staff could not do it without her help! We absolutely love Erin and will continue to support her academic and social wellness throughout her time in high school and beyond!