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Boundaries & Beyond: A Teen Dating Violence Workshop

Teen dating violence refers to abusive and controlling behaviors that occur in romantic relationships involving teenagers. It can manifest in various forms, including physical, emotional, verbal, or digital abuse. Understanding the signs and dynamics of teen dating violence is crucial for prevention and intervention.

Connections Over Compliance Behavior Management Series with Dr. Desautels

Learn brain-science based strategies for creating connections with youth to impactive behavior in relational, positive way. Content, skills, and strategies from Dr. Desautels and her book, Connections Over Compliance. 4-part educational series combined with 3 Peer Learning sessions to support ongoing learning, connection and discussions outside of the live educational sessions. Educational sessions taught by Dr. Lori Desautels. Peer Learning facilitated by MCCOY.

Diversity Dialogue: How to Be an Antiracist

How to Be an Antiracist will make you a better, kinder, and more fair person by revealing how deeply ingrained racism is in our society and outlining what we can all do to annihilate it completely.

Diversity Dialogue: Implicit Bias Workshop

Implicit bias training seeks to create a foundation for individuals and organizations to recognize, confront, and ultimately reduce the impact of unconscious biases, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

eCPR Certification (Special BIPOC National Session)

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a public health education program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: C = Connecting, P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing. In addition to teaching how to help others, this training teaches attendees to support themselves as well to create a culture of wellbeing in the service workforce

eCPR Refresher (Virtual)

The VIRTUAL eCPR Revitalization Course is a 3-hour refresher and connecting course for those who have previously completed the eCPR Practitioner Course (full day or 2 day version).

Intro to eCPR

Virtual intro level course of eCPR (Emotional CPR)

Legislative Update Seminar

Come join us for an update on Indiana's legislative session. We will discuss what bills passed, which ones where tabled, and how they will impact youth and adults in 2024.

Literary Lounge: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

This Literary Lounge Session, we will be reading and working through Glennon Doyle's book 'Untamed'. Special to Women's History Month, this workshop will include the purchase of the book, workbook, and refreshments.

RescueRX: Narcan Training

The ultimate goal of Narcan training is to empower individuals, including first responders, healthcare professionals, and community members, to effectively respond to opioid overdoses and save lives by administering naloxone in a timely and efficient manner.