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What We Do

Our projects

We are the catalyst for the positive development of youth.

We help Central Indiana  empower each young person to be successful by joining in a comprehensive, collaborative, and community-wide effort.

We do this by acting as a resource, a convener, a capacity builder, and an advocate for young people.

We promote positive practices & effective policies for youth.

MCCOY is a non-partisan and independent nonprofit organization that follows legislation that have a direct impact on Hoosier youth and lobbies for improved policies.

We prepare youth-serving orgs to support young people.

MCCOY helps organizations find effective tools to chart their impact and explore new methods through professional development opportunities, program assessment and networking.

We bring meaningful collaboration through partnerships.

MCCOY brings the community together to find innovative ways to address youth issues through open dialogue between youth workers, community advocates, young people, and more.

We develop assets that address needs of all young people.

MCCOY serves as a resource by providing essential tools and information to caring adults and young people through digital, print, and in-person opportunities and appearances.