As a leader in youth issues in Central Indiana, MCCOY is heavily involved in conversations with leaders across industries to find and implement strategies to improve our community’s supports for young people and families. An essential part of our leadership involves participating in and often leading coalitions, committees, and various groups where decision-makers of the city gather to make decisions about the future of Greater Indianapolis and beyond.

Some of our work connecting with leaders in the community includes representation in the following groups:

Prevention Coalitions

MCCOY places specific efforts towards connecting leaders and taking action to remove barriers to youth success. This involves finding root causes of the challenges young people and our society as a whole faces and placing supports strategically to address those challenges early on in a young person’s life through the systems that support them and their families. Our involvement in prevention work has led us to place specific efforts in the following coalitions:

Marion County OST

Monthly convening of Out of School time leaders and practitioners serving youth in Marion County.

Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network

The Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network (RCRLN) convenes, educates, and mobilizes community leaders on racial and cultural relations issues to improve the quality of life in the Indianapolis area. The RCRLN is unique in that it is comprised of business, civic, and community leaders who volunteer their time and services to study and improve race and cultural relations in the city and its institutions. It is not a board of directors, an organization, or an action group. Instead, it is a process, a network and forum, and a convening agent and facilitator. It is among the longest sustainable community relations processes in the country.

Established in 2015 with support from the Marion County Public Health Department, the Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition reprsents nearly 60 organizations with a shared interest in preventing youth violence in Indianapolis by convening community stakeholders, conducting research, providing leadership, and empowering people to create opportunities that build more peaceful homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. MCCOY serves as the Coalition's fiscal sponsor.
The mission of the Early Intervention Planning Council is to eliminate and prevent child abuse, neglect, and youth involvement with the juvenile legal system through comprehensive community efforts that coordinate, build capacity, and advocate for high quality early intervention and prevention services in Marion County. MCCOY has served as a the coordinating agency for the EIPC since 2009.

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) is a bipartisan effort with public, private, and community partnership for juvenile justice system improvement. The initiative focuses on the reallocation of public resources from mass incarceration towards investment in youth, families, and communities. Marion County joined JDAI in 2006, becoming the first JDAI site in Indiana. MCCOY currently helps co-chair the Gun Violence Prevention Workgroup of JDAI Marion County.

Advocacy Coalitions

Much of MCCOY’s advocacy work would not be able to take place with out the support of important advocacy coalitions of which we are members. 

These critical groups are comprised of organizations from all over the state and country who share a common goal to promote policy changes that improve the lives of children and families and support the youth worker community.

The Indiana Coalition for Youth Justice works to achieve more fair, equitable and effective outcomes for children by embracing a developmental approach to the treatment of all children and emerging adults in the justice system.
The Partnership for America’s Children’s mission is to support its network of state and community child advocacy organizations in effective advocacy. The Partnership connects its members to peer expertise and national resources and facilitates interstate collaborations to deepen the level of impact of child advocacy within and across states. It fosters policy expertise, advocacy skills, and strong organizations.

ICHS is a statewide nonprofit organization of more than 20 agencies and associations representing a broad spectrum of interests and populations. For nearly 40 years, ICHS has been a leading voice for those in need of a basic safety net and life enriching human services. ICHS’s work makes Indiana a better place for vulnerable Hoosiers. 

Formerly known as the AllIN4Prek coalition, Early Education Works is now a growing collaboration of state and local chambers of commerce, employers, academia, philanthropic, nonprofit and early care and education experts from across Indiana. We are champions for young children at the critical development stage from birth to five, who deserve access to quality early childhood education programs. We are also advocates for low-income parents, caregivers and families who stand to benefit from early education programs by allowing them to be active in Indiana’s workforce.
Hoosiers for Responsible Lending was created by a network of advocates working to empower Hoosiers who have been affected by any form of predatory lending. We raise awareness of predatory practices across Indiana in order to hold lenders accountable and create attainable pathways to wealth building for all Hoosiers. Our alliance includes veterans organizations, faith communities, consumer groups, and social service providers who recognize both the benefits of equitable, responsible lending and the damages of predatory lending

Equity in Education Coalition

The Equity in Education Coalition is dedicated to removing barriers for youth in their growth and education journey.