Equity & Antiracist Commitment

Continuing efforts to direct our work in helping to create equitable, anti-racist environments and systems for the youth and families we serve.

Adopted in 2021 and implementation initiated in 2022, MCCOY’s Equity and Anti-racist Commitment outlines internal and external best practices, policies, and responsibilities. It acknowledges work already completed in previous years and lays a strong foundation. Most importantly, it secures an ongoing commitment to remain equitable and ethical in all facets of our organization, in our culture, and our service to youth and families. 


Ongoing Progress

MCCOY has taken a firmer public stance on issues that disproportionately impact children and families in minoritized communities through public statements, policy work, testimonies, letter campaigns, and more.

MCCOY is drafting an Equitable Financial and Funding Principles to ensure we are seeking funds from ethical sources, spending equitably and serving the community with respect, dignity and equity at the forefront of our approach and practices.

In 2022, we held 17 learning opportunities focused on equity and inclusion, totaling 30 hours of diversity, equity, and inclusion focused learning opportunities for the community. We are committed to ongoing learning both internally and as a provider to the community.

Equity in Mental Health Access

MCCOY’s Mental Health Matters Initiative prioritizes equitable funding and capacity building of community mental health supports and services. We focus on positively impacting and safely serving individuals and families who are continually and disproportionately under-served and targeted by systemic injustices.

Our approach: to reduce stigma and barriers, provide safe entry points into conversations and relationship building, then leading those into connections for services, programs, education and other opportunities performed by educated and trusted providers. The priority being safety at every point – entry, connection and service.

MCCOY is a proud partner in The Indiana Youth Worker Well-Being Project, a collaborative statewide effort to improve the lives of Indiana’s youth workers so they can more effectively work with youth. Indiana’s youth benefit most when youth workers are well. It is essential the field of youth work is well-recognized, valued, and supported by society to provide the highest quality services for young people. 

Thank you for our Equity Committee members who contribute to our ongoing efforts in this initiative: Latosha Rowley, Kimberly Hollabough, Kimberly Ewing, Marcy Cabello and Jazmin Glasco.