MCCOY is a non-partisan and independent non-profit organization that champions the positive development of youth through leadership on key issues and support of the youth development professional community. MCCOY serves as an advocate on behalf of youth policy, promoting positive practices and effective policies by:


  • Educating leaders and community members about key youth development issues
  • Supporting formal and informal policies that provide young people with the opportunities they need to succeed
  • Consulting and empowering young people to be advocates for their own community goals

MCCOY’s Public Policy Goals

  • Early Intervention & Prevention – all youth should be safe, nurtured and free from abuse, neglect and delinquency through comprehensive community efforts that coordinate, build capacity and advocate for high-quality early intervention and prevention services
  • Quality Youth Programs – all youth programs should adhere to quality and best practice standards in order to best serve the youth in Indiana
  • Student Success – all youth in Indiana have the right to receive a quality education, graduate and succeed
  • Youth Engagement – all youth can be empowered to voice their opinions about and be part of the decisions that affect them
  • Youth Worker Professional Development – all professionals working with youth should have opportunities for continuing education and professional development programs with quality standards and credentialing