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Teens organize peace walk at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park

MirrorIndy | By Darian Benson | April 24, 2024

A group of local teens has organized a community peace walk to commemorate National Youth Violence Prevention Week. 

The walk will begin at 2 p.m. April 27 at the Landmark for Peace Memorial in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  

The event is the result of a collaboration between several local violence prevention organizations, including Hoosiers Concerned about Gun Violence, Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition and the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council. 

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Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition hosts peace walk to end gun violence | April 28, 2024

Youths convene at Indiana Statehouse to engage civically, ‘get involved’

WISHTV | By Gregg Montgomery | Posted: Feb 19, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Presidents Day meant no school for many students, but the Indiana Statehouse provided the perfect occasion for hands-on learning on Monday.

Students from around Indiana converged on the capitol for Youth Day. Attendees could meet lawmakers, voice their opinions, meet other youth advocates, and observe committee hearings.

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Marion County youth advocacy groups distributing free gun lock boxes

 9:18 PM EST February 5, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — Gun owners in Indianapolis can get free lock boxes this week to help keep their families safe.

The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition and the Marion County Commission on Youth are providing the free gun locks. They’ll be available at the MCCOY building, located at 1375 W. 16th St., from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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WISHTV: Free Lock Boxes Available for Indianapolis Gun Owners

Marion County community organizations to give away gun lock boxes

MirrorIndy | Diane Moore | Feb. 1, 2024

Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition and Marion County Commission on Youth will give out these gun lock boxes at this month’s event. Credit: Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition

In 2023, there were 26 unintentional shootings by children in Indiana who gained access to loaded firearms, according to gun advocacy organization Everytown. Of those 26 shootings, 11 happened in Indianapolis. 

Two Marion County organizations are partnering to promote gun safety and give away free lock boxes to gun owners who live in Indianapolis.

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Indiana legislators may turn to law enforcement to reduce absences. Some schools have other ideas.

By Aleksandra Appleton and Amelia Pak-Harvey | December 19, 2023, 7:00am EST

“Families understand the importance of education and want to send their children to school, said Kate Roelecke, director of strategy and operations at the Marion County Commission on Youth. But they may face obstacles like their work schedules, or a lack of transportation and child care that force older children to be responsible for younger siblings, for example.

“Roelecke said the commission hopes to work with lawmakers on solutions that connect families to community resources. She said she’d rather see lawmakers study the issue of absenteeism this summer than address it in a rush during this session.

“’We all want the same thing, we want kids to be getting a great education and we know being in school is a key piece of that,’ she said. ‘I don’t think we’re going to accomplish that by putting parents, students, and schools on the defensive.’”

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New report shows uptick in bullying incidents, advocates say it’s a good thing

WRTV | by Kara Kenney | Posted Aug 2, 2023

“The Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY) has advocated for schools to accurately report bullying incidents to the Indiana Department of Education.

“‘It can impact a student’s ability to pay attention in class, it can impact their ability to succeed as a student,’ said Sarah Kumfer, Public Policy and Advocacy Director at MCCOY. ‘Even though we saw an increase, that’s not necessarily bad information. It shows schools are actually reporting this.'”

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Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council focuses on gun violence and mental health issues

By Jessica Gruenling | Posted July 29, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — Teens in Indianapolis are working on solutions to issues plaguing the city.

The sixth year of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council started on Saturday.

This year, the Marion County Commission on Youth and Camptown teamed up to host the first retreat.

“For us, it means a change to teach and share leadership skills and confidence, and build teamwork and respect for one another,” Camptown president Brent Freeman said.

This year, the group of teens will be looking at solutions to gun violence and substance abuse in Indianapolis. They’ll work as advisers to Mayor Hogsett.

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2023 Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council 

Fox59 | Mar 31, 2023 | 07:57 AM EDT

Applications are now being accepted for the next Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council. The program chooses a group of young people to help amplify youth voices and give input to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett.

And here to share more about the program is LaMarr Davis II, with the Marion County Commission on Youth, and Xavier Ntamere, a senior at Shortridge High School and current MYLC member, both joined FOX59 this morning to tell us more about the program.

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