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Open Positions

There are currently no vacant roles at MCCOY.

Internship Opportunities

MCCOY frequently has educational opportunities available for students who show an interest in non-profit management, social work, advocacy, fundraising, public relations and training. When such opportunities are available, they will be posted here. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

Volunteer Opportunities

Have extra time to devote to a proven and efficient non-profit that champions youth development?  If so, MCCOY has a spot for you. Contact us at 317-921-1266 to lend a hand!

Excellence in Summer Service Education Awards (ESSEA): ESSEA is an initiative of the Summer Youth Program Fund and awards 20 high school and college students who work in SYPF-funded summer programs with a $1,000 educational award each summer. Volunteers needed to read and evaluate applications and determine ESSEA winners. Level of commitment include four hours of application review, one two-hour meeting, and attendance at the awards dinner celebration.

MCCOY Board of Directors: If you are interested in volunteering your time for MCCOY, we are always looking for committed individuals to serve on our various committees for our Board of Directors. Serving on a MCCOY committee is a first step for someone who is interested in serving as a board member, but serving on a committee does not obligate you to future board level involvement. If you are interested in becoming involved with MCCOY as a board member or as a member of one of our committees, please contact John Brandon at [email protected] or 317-921-1266. Level of commitment: two hour meeting every other month, plus occasional committee work and events.  Here are the various committees and their work for you to review:

  • Public Policy and Advocacy Committee: Working with the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee seeks to identify youth issues and public policy arenas where MCCOY can have influence, provide information about best and emerging practices, and expand the quality and reach of youth development programming.
  • Marketing and Communications Committee: Working with the Director of Communications, the Marketing and Communications Committee focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to demonstrate the essential nature of the work that MCCOY does in our community. The focus of the Marketing and Communications Committee will be to increase awareness, use and respect of MCCOY’s programs and initiatives.
  • Fund Development Committee: The Fund Development Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s overall fundraising and, in particular, the fundraising done by the board.
  • Finance Committee: Working with the President, the Finance Committee is responsible for providing oversight on all the financial matter of the organization including annual budget, annual audit, and financial management.
  • Governance and Board Development Committee: Along with the agency President, the Governance and Board Development Committee is responsible for the growth and development of the board, including recruitment, orientation, assessment and the annual board retreat.
  • Program Committee: The Program Committee provides support and guidance for MCCOY initiatives involving the Youth Worker Learning Network, the Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative, Youth Employment Initiative, Summer Youth Program supports, and various community involvement initiatives that MCCOY leads and/or supports.

MCCOY is an equal opportunity employer.