Build Capacity

We prepare youth-serving professionals and organizations to support the developmental needs of young people.

Through professional development opportunities, program assessment and networking opportunities, MCCOY helps to expand their ability reach young people. MCCOY helps organizations find effective tools to chart their program’s impact and to explore new methods, directions, and practices.

MCCOY builds capacity through the following initiatives:

Learning Network – provides professional development opportunities to enhance the knowledge and abilities of the local youth serving community. Opportunities include in-person trainings, webinars, community forums, peer learning groups and more.  Typical attendees include any professional serving youth as well as volunteers and parents.  With such a wide variety of topics, and an ever-changing calendar, there is opportunity for everyone with the Learning Network.

Youth Program Quality Assessment/Improvement Process – a research-validated system that provides local youth-serving organizations the tools to measure and evaluate the quality of the program experience on youth beyond just the numbers.