Summer Youth Program Fund

A national model, the Summer Youth Program Fund is a partnership of 11 area grant-making bodies. It seasonally funds local nonprofits that provide much-needed safe, engaging summer fun to thousands of Marion County youth – like recreation, camping, arts, academics, college and job readiness and cultural enrichment.

SYPF recognizes the signifSYPF Logoicant value of programs that engage young people in summer learning, expose youth to positive experiences, sustain health, and offer community service. It also recognizes the importance of caring adults who provide important mentoring through their dedication and sacrifice in summer months.

MCCOY’s Role in Serving SYPF Grantees

  • MCCOY provides  professional development opportunities to staff members of SYPF funded programs (funding for these also allows general public to attend at a reduced cost)
  • MCCOY coordinates and delivers the SYPF Professional Learning Community group for selected SYPF funded program staff members
  • MCCOY holds annual Youth Staff Training for “rookie” youth that are hired as summer camp staff employed in SYPF funded programs
  • MCCOY coordinates and delivers Summer Youth Program Quality Assessment for a cohort of SYPF funded programs (also open to general public)
  • MCCOY coordinates the access and implementation of  new projects, curriculum and initiatives for grantees.
  • MCCOY coordinates Summer Learning Day for youth participating in SYPF funded programs


Current or prospective grantees: access additional information on the Summer Youth Program Fund website.