Heather Wildrick-Holman

Assistant Director of Community Partners
Firefly Children & Family Alliance | Fay Biccard Glick Family Place

Kimberly Ewing

Kimberly Ewing is the Emotional CPR Training Coordinator for the National Empowerment Center and Allies of Indiana. As a person with lived experience and one who crosses many paths of intersectionality, Kim is passionate about mental wellness, racial healing, social justice, racial equality, human rights, bullying prevention, empowering allies, and educating humans of all ages.

Kim is an International eCPR Trainer, Implicit Bias Trainer, Anti-Racist Trainer, Diversity Trainer, a Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer, and a Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) Facilitator.

Her favorite hashtag is #ImStillHealing and she believes that we all are doing some version of it. She believes in speaking truth coupled with compassion and that eCPR is the very foundation of being human. One of her only regrets is that she wished she knew eCPR as a young person because it would have made a huge difference with those she encountered along the way.

Kim holds a BS in Communications from the University of Indianapolis and a MS in Higher Education from Indiana State University.