Our Initiatives

MCCOY’s mission – to champion the positive development of youth – sets a high standard for improving and expanding the quality of youth opportunities in central Indiana.  To accomplish this mission, we work on many issues, with many organizations, and in many capacities. At the core of our approach are four strategic roles: advocate, resource, capacity builder, and convener.

Those roles have led MCCOY to focus on key initiatives including:

The roles have also allowed us to open doors in our community, in local agencies, and in young people’s lives to opportunities, activities, and developmental outcomes.

Looking to the past and the future, our strategic roles provide central Indiana with the opportunity to support all young people in our community.

We promote positive practices and effective policies for youth. MCCOY educates leaders and community members about key youth development issues. With a focus on making central Indiana an exemplary place for young people, we support formal and informal policies that provide young people with the opportunities they need to succeed. We also regularly consult and empower young people to be advocates for their own community goals.

We provide essential tools and information to caring adults and young people. MCCOY uses our community, educational, governmental, health, and youth program partnerships to provide comprehensive information about issues that affect young people throughout their lives. Look to us for the most current, reliable, and relevant data and tools to assist you with your research, policy, and program needs.

Capacity Builder
We prepare youth-serving organizations to support the developmental needs of young people. Through participatory trainings, program advice, and networking opportunities, MCCOY helps organizations and youth-serving professionals to expand their ability to reach young people. We also help organizations find effective tools to chart their program’s impact and to explore new methods, directions, and practices.

We bring the community together to find innovative ways to address youth issues. MCCOY establishes open dialogue between youth workers, community advocates, young people, and many others. From small forums to full scale symposia and events, we work to bring meaningful collaboration through partnerships around positive youth development