Early Intervention & Prevention Initiative

Mission and Vision

The issue of child abuse, neglect, and delinquency is heartbreaking and affects every member of our community.  We are all responsible for the healthy development of our children.  The Early Intervention & Prevention Initiative is a collective response to shift systems and put social supports in place so that youth and families thrive.

The mission of the Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) Initiative is to eliminate child abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquency by coordinating efforts that increase availability and access to services and advocate for high-quality early intervention and prevention services in Marion County. The EIP Initiative envisions a city where:

  • all children are safe and free from abuse and neglect
  • all children receive the care, support, and resources to grow into a healthy and fully contributing member of society; and
  • all caregivers have the  supports and resources to provide a safe and healthy environment for children.

Through the Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative, MCCOY works to create a comprehensive system of care — integrating social services for children, youth, young adults and caregivers — to enhance the health and resiliency of all youth and families.