Connections Over Compliance Behavior Management Series with Dr. Desautels


Learn brain-science based strategies for creating connections with youth to impactive behavior in relational, positive way. Content, skills, and strategies from Dr. Desautels and her book, Connections Over Compliance. 4-part educational series combined with 3 Peer Learning sessions to support ongoing learning, connection and discussions outside of the live educational sessions. Educational sessions taught by Dr. Lori Desautels. Peer Learning facilitated by MCCOY.


Session One:  Tuesday January 16th 9am-11am

Educator Nervous System States Through the Lens of Applied Educational Neuroscience

Adult nervous system states drive child and adolescent social, emotional, and cognitive well-being. In this session, we will explore how trauma and adversity impact the developing brains and bodies of our students and the powerful implications that adult regulation states positively create for a student's social, emotional, and academic growth.   I will share powerful regulatory practices for adults and students.   

 Session Two: Tuesday January 23rd  9am-11am 

Co-Regulation is the Core of Relational, Preventative, and Brain Aligned Discipline 

In this session we will explore co-regulation practices as these relate to healthy brain and body development in our students. When a calm nervous system can connect with a dysregulated nervous system, we are able to share an emotionally available safe space and presence that can upregulate positive emotions while down regulating negative emotions.      

 Peer Learning Check-In: Tuesday February 6th 9am-11am

 Session Three: Tuesday February 13th 9am-11am

Touch Points Are Micro-Moments of Connection

Attachment is the carrier of all brain development and during this session we will learn about the neurobiology of connection alongside practices that strengthen relationships and address dysregulation and challenging behaviors.  

Session Four: Tuesday February 27th 9am-11am

Our Nervous system States and the Application of Educational Neuroscience

In this session we will integrate the facets of applied educational neuroscience as it relates to building engagement, strengthening connection and empowering our staff and students with the science that drives all learning and behaviors! Attendees will leave with a variety of strategies and practices that can be built into our routines, procedures, and transitions. 

Peer Learning Check In: Mar 5th  9am-11am

Final Peer Learning Check-In: April 30th 9am-11am

REGISTRATION NOTES:  We recommend attending ALL sessions to get the most out of this series.  In addition, attending the Peer Learning will connect you with other programs and create an opportunity to "talk shop" about how implementation of skills learned is going in the OST environment.  Sessions will be recorded. If you come into series late, you will be sent previously recorded sessions. As always, attending LIVE is high recommended for best learning experience. 

RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: Connections over Compliance: Rewiring our Perceptions of Discipline by Lori L. Desautels  (BUY A COPY)


This series is a collaboration between MCCOY and the IDOE executed by Groundwater Consulting to support youth workers from ISYP, REACH and 21CCLC grantee programs.

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