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Interior Design Summer Workshops Online & On Campus. ON CAMPUS, June 5-14; 19-28: Provides students with new perspectives, friends & a personal portfolio full of ideas. Additional opportunities around campus allow students to build lasting friendships & experience living on a college campus. Sample activities include an afternoon of shopping, movie night, bowling night & use of recreational facilities on campus for swimming, fitness, weights, ping-pong & tennis. ONLINE, June 13-July 1; July 11-29: will use Canvas & WebEx or Zoom. Canvas provides a password protected online environment where students can submit their work & communicate with the professor & fellow students using discussion boards, chat rooms & centralized email (Canvas Conversations). WebEx & Zoom allow us to meet w/everyone without leaving the comfort of home but still allows face-to-face interaction. Online is synchronous-everyone logs on at a certain time of day.
Ball State