Youth Activity Directory

What’s in the Youth Activity Directory?
Family events calendar, camps, volunteer opportunities, mentoring and tutoring services, special needs programs and much more!

How do I get the Youth Activity Directory?
Website: MCCOY has recently launch a new interactive database. Users can now find information using filters and other options to get what they need. Click here for the interactive database!
Print: If you would like a print copy of the YAD, please fill out this form and email it to [email protected]. Organizations may order a maximum of 75 booklets per location.
PDF: You can download a PDF version of the 2020 Youth Activity Directory here.

How can I support the 2020 YAD?
MCCOY works hard to make our resources available to all families, but we need you! Sponsorship opportunities are available at three different levels ranging from $5,000 to $300. Sponsors will receive lots of benefits to connect app users to their organization. Click here to sponsor online or download the sponsorship form. Help us keep the Youth Activity Directory FREE for kids and families in the community.

How do I get my program in the Youth Activity Directory?
To make sure your program is included in the YAD, fill out this form and email to Juli Van Wyk. Events include one-time and repeating family fun or youth-friendly activities, as well as community fairs and open houses.


  • “As a high school principal with an embedded service-learning component I am constantly searching for opportunities for my students to engage in our community. The MCCOY Youth Activity Directory is a pivotal resource that allows students to search a wide variety of activities and employment opportunities whether through their online app or the printed version. Due to the directory our students have increased their volunteerism and employment applications by 20%; we strive to provide an individualized approach to service learning and the MCCOY Directory has empowered our students to follow their own passion or pursue a new one.” – Shane M. O’Day, Principal, Shortridge High School
  • “We make the YAD available to families in our waiting room and families have reported that they are surprised with all the resources available in the area. The YAD provides a concise snapshot of the wonderful resources for youth that our great city has to offer. It is also helpful as a mental health provider to be able to quickly find programs/resources as the youth we serve are typically going through a crisis situation and in need of additional support.” – Melissa Brown, Mental Health Therapist with the Youth Day Program, Community Health Network
  • “We primarily provide the YAD to parents and caregivers so they are able to use it as a way to become aware of free or nominal programs and resources within their catchment area. The directory provides a collective of options so the parents and caregivers can compare activities and camps and also have the opportunity to share and discuss them with their kids. We also use MCCOY as a resource to collect and share information regarding trainings and workshops and most essentially, the legislative updates makes it easy for us to follow the priorities.” – Devina Jani, DJ Center for Youth, Inc
  • “Paramount School of Excellence has a Home Visit program, in which we visit our families out in the community and share educational and community resources that can help them support their students and have a successful school year. We include the Youth Activity Directory in every single visit. We take the booklet and encourage parents to download the app as well! Parents are always so encouraged to have a list of all the local resources at their fingertips. Our parents have a wide array of needs for their children, and the YAD covers it all. We also love the day by day events that are posted on the events calendar on the app. Whenever I have a day off with my son, I check out the app and see what we can do that day. We appreciate the partnership and efforts of MCCOY so much. You are an excellence resource to the community.” – Angie Cazares, Director of Family Engagement, Paramount School of Excellence
  • “I want to tell you the usefulness of the Marion County Commission on Youth’s Youth Activity Directory. As a foster care agency, many of our foster parents are on the lookout year-round for activities for the kids to be involved with while they are in their home. This is especially true during school breaks such as the summer months which are upcoming. Your directory has a wealth of information that has been most helpful to our parents and, as we also provide homes for children up to the age of 18 (21 if they should remain in school and the placement home), your sections for summer jobs and general resources in the area has proven invaluable. I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for compiling such a great go-to manual for parents and children alike! We truly appreciate it!” – Steve Robertson, Therapeutic Support Specialist Supervisor, Benchmark Family Services

What other resources are available for me?
If you are looking for additional resources, you can see which programs were sponsored by Indy Summer Youth Programs funders.

Do you have any feedback about the YAD booklet or interactive database?

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