Camp Pyoca

If you are considering a career working with children  or in the outdoors consider working at a summer camp!   Lifeguard (min. 16 yr.) Training: May 18-20th optional. $325/week.  Leadership Staff (min. age 21) Training May 23-25; all Staff (Counselors min. age 19; Kitchen min. age 16) May 25-June 3. Counselors & coordinators $325-450/wk (paid during training!) & includes room & board. You will be 1st AID/AED/CPR certified during training.  In addition we do Mental Health 1st Aid Certification.  Can be trained in High Ropes as well. Take 2 hrs off ea day & typically have Fri. afternoon-Sun. morning off each weekend.
886 E. County Rd 100 S