Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCCOY?

We are the catalyst for the positive development of youth. We help the central Indiana community do everything possible to empower every young person to be successful. This objective becomes a greater reality when we join together in a comprehensive, collaborative, and community-wide effort.

MCCOY does this by acting as a resource, a convener, a capacity builder, and an advocate for young people.

Are you a government agency?

No, we are a private, 501(c)(3) non profit. In 1987, we began as a City-County Council governed organization under Mayor Hudnut’s Administration, but in 1994 we became a separate, independent non profit. We do not receive local government dollars, but instead the majority of our funding comes from foundation-based grants, sponsorships, and donations.

What does it mean to be an intermediary?

Intermediary nonprofits can have a variety of roles including orchestrating community-wide efforts, providing supportive services to direct-service organizations, and acting as an advocate for nonprofit fields and organizations.

MCCOY’s intermediary roles include acting as a convener, a resource, an advocate, and a capacity builder.  We seek to work both with local leaders and with organizations and individuals on the front lines of youth development.  Ultimately, our goal is to increase our community’s ability to support young people as they grow into healthy adults and we meet that goal by being a catalyst, by making things happen and sparking positive change.