Restorative Practices Level 1 Workshop

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9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Peace Learning Center
6040 DeLong Rd.
Indianapolis, Indiana

What if there were tools that helped democratize communication? Helped us process the elephant in the room that keeps relationships strained? And helps those who have done harm be held accountable as allow whole communities to be heard, learn from harm, and be supported in meaningful ways in our institutions? Those tools exist, they work, and they are called restorative practices.

Participants will focus on why restorative practices are a useful and effective framework for communication, behavior, and discipline; dispel myths about restorative practices, will learn about the continuum of restorative practices and will learn how to use affective statements and restorative chats.

We cover the core concepts and practice so that you will emerge with a clear understanding of what restorative practices are (and are not), skills associated with the various steps of the restorative continuum, how they can be implemented in a number of settings, and participants will be given an opportunity to practice some of the techniques. Most of the discussion tends to be based around restorative work in school environments but practitioners from all environments (and ages) are welcome.

There is a $30.00 fee for participation.

If you are in financial need, please reach out to Kristina Hulvershorn at [email protected] for scholarship information.