A Film-Based Addiction Recovery Workshop | “Pleasure Unwoven”

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3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Suburban North Club
1811 South 10th Street

This FREE Addiction Recovery Workshop centers around the film “Pleasure Unwoven” from The Institute for Addiction Study. An in-depth look at the debate over whether addiction can really be considered a disease.

If anyone has said to you: “Why can’t you just stop?” this helps provide the answer in understandable terms. And, after viewing say “Oh, that’s why I’m feeling this way!” or “That’s why my loved one is doing that.”

Dr. Kevin McCauly presents the arguments for and against this question. While reviewing all the latest research about addiction along the way, he employs the spectacular landscape of Utah’s State and National Parks to describe the brain areas involved in addiction and turns complex neuroscientific concepts into easy-to-understand visual images that will:

  • Help people in recovery feel better understood
  • Help families and friends feel hope that recovery is possible

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Workshop Framework

  • Screen “Pleasure Unwoven” Documentary
  • Participate in Small & Large Group Discussions
  • Build a Tangible Recovery Toolkit
  • Recieve a Study Guide with Key Points, Diagrams and Worksheets

RSVP Requested by October 17th