Reproductive Healthcare Policy

On Monday, Indiana lawmakers will review SB 1, a bill proposing to ban most abortions in our state with some exceptions, including rape, incest, fatal fetal abnormalities, and threat to the life of the pregnant individual. We know that restrictions on healthcare have many potential unintended consequences on families and young people, particularly those in historically marginalized communities who already have limited access to care.

As we prepare for the Indiana special session, MCCOY has gathered information regarding maternal health, infant health, early childhood/adolescent development, and the general state of Hoosier families. We know that Indiana communities are already struggling to meet the needs of families regarding family planning, healthcare, and general supports for young people. Download our information packet to see where we stand on supporting families in Indiana, and take action below to write your lawmakers and voice your support for reproductive freedoms.

As a special note, we acknowledge that this pressing matter impacts many different Hoosiers with a capacity for pregnancy. For the integrity of data presentation for our information packet, we used the terms from our sources which may generalize the impacted population to “women of childbearing age.” We stand with all who have the potential to be impacted by the proposed legislation.