Latino/Youth Collective of Indiana, Inc.

The Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science & Technology hires & trains 44 latinx youth to engage in participatory action research, a praxis that emphasizes social change through collaboration & reflection. Scholars collectively reflect on their experiences to identify personal & community issues that impact their community's ability to be successful, then employ qualitative research skills to investigate the issue & explore holistic, long-term solutions, which acknowledge individual, corporate & societal responsibilities. 36 are youth researchers with stipends ranging from $200-$550 depending on participation, experience & leadership within their groups. Participation is a job contract & their job is to produce several pieces of media (Infographic, Podcast, Documentary) in a timely, professional manner to inform their community about relevant topics. 8 scholars are Junior/Senior staff based on experience with salaries ranging from $7.25-$20/hr. M-F, 12:30-5:30. The program ends with a community presentation.
meet at School of Informatics & Computing, IUPUI, 535 W Michigan St.