Youth Advocacy Council Update

These last few months have been a whirlwind for the YAC, from Real Talk Remix to listening sessions with the IPS School Board. Through all these experiences, the youth have decided on issues that they want to focus on in the coming year:
  •          Bullying
  •          Sexual Abuse
  •          Hunger
  •          Own Your Future
  •          Education Reform 

The youth will take these topics and a few more and present them at the ASC-Me Conference (Advocating, Skill building  Creating Solutions) on April 27. This day-long event will be open to youth all over the city.  The YAC will host breakout sessions on these important issues.  
These next few months will be busy as the youth try to learn as much as possible as they can about these issues. The youth will spend many hours designing a curriculum that will be easily understood by middle school and high school youth. They will develop activities that will help participants build skills in those areas and develop action steps.
If you think that this sounds like a lot, it is. If you would like to help in any way or know of a youth who would want to facilitate, please let me know. The YAC and us are really excited for this conference and are excited to see all of this year’s work come together.

Danielle Guerin

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