The softer side of roller derby

Almost exactly a year ago, I was able to check off one of my major short term goals in life: become a member of a roller derby team. The day I made the Naptown Roller Girls, was literally one of the best days in my life. When I made the team, I was excited about the sport. Full contact hitting and blocking while skating seemed like the perfect extracurricular activity for me. Not to mention, it created a chance for me to produce an alter ego for myself. In tennis shoes, I’m a social work student, a wife, and a child care worker. As soon as I lace up those skates, I’m Lyndsanity, crazed and hungry for victory. Well…that’s always the goal.

Not only is the sport unique and aggressive, but through my career as a roller girl, I have been able to meet some fabulous women from all walks of life. Women of different ages, backgrounds, religions, cultures, and careers all come together to make one eclectic group of bad-ass women. The camaraderie is impressive to behold. Through broken limbs and even broken hearts, a roller girl always know she has her roller derby family to back her up with support and love; especially with NRG.

When I made the team, I knew I would get involved with some impressive people, but I didn’t realize how much NRG gives back to the community of Indianapolis. Each month we participate in multiple events in the area, most recently we skated at the Tonic Ball in Fountain Square (which was a benefit for Second Helpings), talked to a girl scout troop about what becoming strong and courageous women, and participated in an open skate for the Boys and Girls Club.

We also donate a portion of our ticket profits to a charity after each home bout at the Pepsi Coliseum. A few of our 2012 charities include, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Special Olympics, Pedal for Peace, and Indy Reads.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that the Naptown Roller Girls are awesome, and I’m one lucky girl to be a part of such an empowering, strong, and generous group of women. If you don’t know anything about roller derby, you should come check us out. Our next home bout is on December 17 at the Pepsi Coliseum. Bring a date, bring your family, or hop in the car with a group of friends.

This picture was taken at my first bout.
Our team is in white, and we won! I’m the one with the goofy smile on my face…oh wait, that’s all of us.
Photo by Tom Klubens

This league of athletes is a lot bigger than the women who pu
t on skates 3 times a week at practice. It’s about the fans, the community, being a role model, and giving of yourself.

Written by: Lyndsey Mundell
IU School of Social Work

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