Riley Safety Store

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the perfect information presents itself to you at the perfect time. Three weeks ago, my cousin and his 10 month old son unexpectedly moved in with my parents. It has been a rough adjustment and the house is certainly more crowded with a little baby crawling all about, but my parents are happy to help. However, the house is definitely not childproof, as I suspect that there has not been a kid in there for over five years.

The same week that my cousin moved in, I started a new position at MCCOY as the Resource Development Officer for the Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative. This initiative has broad-based support from several government agencies and dozens of Indianapolis nonprofits, and focuses on preventing child abuse, child neglect, and juvenile delinquency. One of the first meetings that I attended was the MCCOY Provider Council, where a representative from the Riley Safety Store informed the group about this amazing asset in our community. The Riley Safety Store “offers low-cost child safety products and injury prevention education to both Riley Hospital families and all families from throughout Indiana.” (

Located in the gift shop in Riley Hospital (and at satellite locations throughout the state), this store offers dozens of safety products AT COST! They have baby gates, cabinet locks, bike helmets, gun locks, bath water thermometers, and much much more. And to reiterate: they sell these products at cost! This means that they are cheaper than Walmart. The store’s selection is extensive and the staff members are educated to select the correct products for each family.

Armed with this information about the Riley Safety Store, my family was able to completely childproof the house without spending a lot of money. I know that my mom and cousin were really impressed and thankful for this program. Mom keeps reminding us how her future grandchildren will be so safe in her home, but after a few more weeks of her sweet little nephew, I know that she may be ready for a baby-free break! On my mother’s endorsement, and on behalf of MCCOY, I encourage you to visit the Riley Safety Store and spread the word. Make child safety a priority!

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