On God’s Front Portch

Written by: Chelsea M. Stallings, BSW student at IUPUI

Life is too short and we need to enjoy the small things, like being in the woods. I have been spending a lot of my time in the woods and it has been teaching me how to be a true hunter. I am very new at this, but I have been waiting my whole life to learn this trade. I am so passionate about hunting that I find myself always looking for deer when I drive pass a cornfield and scanning the sky for birds. Being a female participating in this male dominated sport, gives me more of a drive to become a great hunter. Someone wise once told me, “patience is key, sometimes you just need to sit back and watch the woods come alive”. 
Just recently I have been blessed with a few people who have taken me under their wings. These people have spent a lot of time with me and I can’t explain how thankful I am. From spending quality time in the duck blind, shooting arrows in the backyard, and sitting patiently in a tree stand, have been some of my greatest memories. My hunting buddies have made all of these memories special and I can’t thank them enough for letting a girl join in on their secrets.  
January 13, 2013 one of our hunting buddies was taken from us. Justin Kroh was a good guy who I got to know through spending time in the woods. He was a beginner like me so I could connect with him on that level. Justin was there every weekend ready to corner him a monster. He didn’t talk much, but his actions were powerful. One of his best friends decided to name one of the stands, Kroh Corner. It is going to be tough going back to the woods without him, but that place is where we all can feel him in some way.
Hunting is not only the most exciting sport in the world; it brings family and friends together. I have learned that even on a day when you don’t see a thing you are still spending time with awesome people who have the same interest as you. Also, I have discovered “woods therapy” and how it really helps me. When you are sitting anxiously in a stand, you get plenty of time to think. Sometimes I think about homework assignments I need to complete, how much my grandparents make me laugh, or how blessed I am. Even if you don’t enjoy hunting as much as I do, you should set time aside to just enjoy nature and the beauty of the world. And don’t forget to tell the ones you love how much you appreciate them.

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