MCCOY’s Learning Network Presents: Youth Worker Summit

The Youth Worker Summit will be an opportunity for other youth development organizations to receive high quality training in areas highly relevant to their work. Each participant will have an opportunity to attend 2 workshops led by highly skilled facilitators. In addition, the large group sessions and networking opportunities will provide insightful information that will provoke meaningful conversations and thoughts. This youth development approach is based in positive youth development research, and the desire to create a safe, supportive, and productive environment for youth. The approach, is premised on the belief that it is a youth worker’s job to set up an environment for youth in which needs are met and learning is encouraged—to create a space in which youth can thrive.
  1. Voice & ChoiceProviding young people with authentic, meaningful choices is a hallmark of truly engaging environments. This workshop is focused on providing meaningful choice within activities and voice within the youth program itself.
  2. Building CommunityThis lively workshop introduces participants to numerous community-building and relationship-building activities.
  3. Cooperative LearningThis workshop addresses youth’s interaction in groups—both the cooperative learning environment and leadership opportunities.
  4. Active LearningIntroduces the remarkable benefits of providing opportunities for youth to actively explore materials and ideas. The workshop introduces the “ingredients” of active learning as well as methods for creating high-impact, active environments.
  5. Scaffolding for Success How do you set the bar high for youth and help them exceed their expectations? This workshop is about working closely with youth to find their learning edge and helping them experience just the right amount of challenge.
  6. Ask-Listen-Encourage Introduces a method for building supportive, youth-centered relationships. The workshop prepares participants to ask lots of effective questions, to listen actively to youth, and to encourage youth by tapping their intrinsic motivation.

Who should attend?
The Youth Work Methods workshops are designed to empower direct-staff with tools that will increase the quality of their work with youth.
Limited Registration 
Registration Deadline: September 3
When: Thursday September 16,2010
Where: Franklin University
lake Point Center 5 8415 Allison Point Blvd., Suite 400
Indianapolis, In 46250

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