MCCOY’s Learning Network Presents: Youth Worker Summit

  1. Active Learning Do you know the difference between active learning and “hands‐on” learning? Giving youth materials is just the beginning. This developmental workshop brings to light the “ingredients” of active learning going beyond the ‘hand on activities’ and explains the role that active learning plays in the experiential learning cycle. It will also help participants create more powerful learning opportunities.
  2.  Ask-Listen-EncourageDo you communicate with youth in a way that makes them feel supported and heard? This interactive workshop introduces various communication techniques that help you build more supportive, youth‐centered relationships. Participants will learn how to ask more effective questions, to use active listening with youth, and offer youth encouragement rather than praise.
  3. Building Community Do you know what it takes to build an emotionally and physically safe space for youth? Building an emotionally safe community of peers and adults is essential for youth to learn and develop as individuals. This interactive workshop will introduce participants to a variety of activities designed to support this community building process.
  4. Cooperative LearningCooperative learning is an excellent way to nurture youth leadership, build community, and keep things fun. Do the youth in your program have opportunities to work together in groups, teaching and learning from each other? This workshop will equip participants with grouping strategies and ways to think about building cooperative learning into any program offering..
  5. Scaffolding for SuccessHow do you set the bar high for youth without setting them up for failure? This informative workshop introduces participants to the concept of “scaffolding” – working closely and attentively with youth to identify their learning edge, and providing the right amount of support and challenge. Participants will learn the four strategies for effective scaffolding for the youth in their programs and how it affects youth retention and desire to learn.
  6. Voice & ChoiceAre you providing young people with authentic, meaningful choices throughout your program? Does your program reflect the input of the youth involved? Research shows that quality programs incorporate youth input at both activity and organizational levels. This workshop emphasizes the importance of offering real choices and meaningful participation to youth, as well as nurturing youth leadership. Discussions will also be held on how to provide meaningful choice within activities and opportunities for youth input within the program itself.

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