Importance of Youth Mentoring

By: Public Relations Intern at MCCOY- Ivy McConnell

I want to start the year off by expressing the importance of youth mentoring. As I think about my life and the direction I decide to take with education, extra curricular activities, and my career choice, I realized that I am the woman I am today because I had a great mentors when I was younger.

I attend Pike High School a little over ten years ago. I remember my college mentors and my Fashion Design Teacher. My college mentors made a vast impact in my life as a teenager by introducing me to the option to go to college and took me to universities for campus visits so I could choose a major and create connects before I attend. While I’m visiting, doing research on majors and figuring out my purpose in life. I was taking a few fashion design classes under the teaching of Mrs. Sutton. I decided to take her classes because I love fashion and wanted to create my own clothes instead of purchasing another persons idea. After a year, she entered me into fashion shows and contests around the city so I can show off my original designs. One day, after school she sat me down and told me that I should make my hobby into a career in fashion. I’m thinking I can’t make a living off of designing and constructing clothes. She really believed in me and my talent to help others. Therefore, I went to my college mentors and they help me choose Ball State University.

Ball State have one of the largest fashion programs in the country! I pursed my BS in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing. WOW! I double majored and came out as a Store Manager and Stylist of my own store. Little did I know that Mrs. Sutton was mentoring me for two years. She mold and guide me to follow my dreams and make a career out my passion. Not to mention, my college mentors were the reason why I was very involved on campus taking on leadership roles while being a active citizen in my community.

I strongly encourage you to sign up at mentoring organization or program here in Indianapolis. Organizations like Trusted Mentors , Indiana Youth Institute The Alliance of Youth Mentoring Agencies of Central  Indiana and 100 Black Men Indianapolis, are a great start to get involve. Not to mention, you may be mentoring a young person right now and don’t recognize it. Get involve in 2013 with youth mentoring. You will change yours and their life forever!

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