I Have a Dream…

…that one day I will be a senator or representative deftly writing policy, thoughtfully listening to my constituents, and boldly crossing party lines to do what is best for the state of Indiana or even the United States.  But right now, I am a nervous intern whose legs shake and palms sweat as I stand in front of committee members giving testimony on a bill. Obviously, I have a ways to go.
Just two short weeks into my time here at MCCOY, I was given the opportunity to take the lead on presenting testimony on behalf of MCCOY. While I was excited and prepared–I had typed out my talking points–I was also intimidated by the company I was in. Seasoned lobbyists and veteran senators surrounded me as I stood and began, “Good evening Chairman Kruse and committee members” (I don’t think it hurt that I mentioned that I was a student. Perhaps that explained the quiver in my voice.)

However, as I began to speak, I gained my confidence. I looked up from my paper and I met the eyes of Senators Kruse and Schneider, who may or may not have been listening, but who were watching me attentively. I made my points, I thanked them, and I walked to my seat, confident that I had done my best to participate in the legislative process.

I know the camera on my phone is blurry—it’s not a smart phone—but this is what it looks like waiting to give testimony.

February is Youth Leadership Month, so as January comes to a close, start thinking of ways to encourage the young people you work with to get involved in the legislative process. Or if you are a young person reading this, go let your voice be heard! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Own your power. There is still much to be done in the 2012 Legislative Session.

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