EASY (Essential Aid & Services for Youth) Book Now Available

The EASY Book is Back!
We’ve heard that the recession may be coming to an end. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean an end to the struggles faced by families in central Indiana. Fortunately, the EASY Book provides a directory to local organizations that can help. It includes tips, hotline numbers and contact information for central Indiana organizations that provide a wide range of family and support services – from help with basic needs to parenting-skills development to assistance with home ownership.

Reserve Your EASY Books Now:
Complete the reservation form online or download the form.

Quick & Easy EASY Book Pick-Up
United Way Garage, August 26th: 8a – 4p
Just pull up and will load your EASY Books into your car. Our Youth Activity Directory will also be available. Just submit your reservation form (see link above) so that we have your order ready. Get map/directions.

Help Us Get The EASY to the People Who Need it Most
Is your organization open & accessible to the general public?
If you answered yes, consider joining our distribution network. As an EASY Book/YAD distributor, you simply agree to stock the EASY Book and/or YAD so they are readily available to the families you serve and provide basic tracking & evaluation so that we can continue to improve EASY and YAD!

MCCOY provides everything you need: the books, promotional materials and tracking sheets. In addition, we’ll include links to your website & location on our website and as part of our marketing efforts for the YAD/EASY Book.

If you’re interested in offering the people you work with a valuable tool for accessing the resources they need to build stronger families, just email Chris or call 317-921-1286.

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