Child Hunger in Schools

It is all about the children. Is it really? No matter how many times you’ve seen this statement in America’s classrooms or license plates this universally holds truer than any other time in our history. One in every five children in the U.S. is living in poverty. The rate of households without sufficient access to food is rising. If a child suffers from hunger then how is anyone to become an active citizen? Even more relevant to their hunger is their inability to focus on academics when they’re worried about their stomachs eating themselves. Unfortunately our actions as a seemingly just society and the world’s wealthiest nation have fallen short of good intentions for children. We have dropped the ball continuously when it comes to the welfare of our country’s youth. Our countries reactionary legislation and policies to combat ongoing societal issues such as child hunger will destroy any hope for a better future. Preventative programs and policies should be enacted right now on all levels of government and communities to ensure that food is reaching hungry kids.  The research is there and the facts are laid out. Too many kids are starving. One area of great significance and opportunity is hunger in America’s schools. Many children qualify for federally reimbursed programs for free meals but many children and families do not apply or even know this. Many public schools have taken on the responsibility of serving free breakfast before school commences and getting the word out to kids’ families about free or reduced price meals. Principals and school staff are even starting programs that help kids take food home at the end of their school days to help them and their families get through the weekend. Other ideas stem from schools creating after school supper programs and bringing in farmer’s markets to schools whose children do not live near any source of food. Defeating hunger has become a focus point for schools this day and age. This is a glimmer of hope. We can only hope that other U.S. schools are taking charge to do what is right for their children in supplying them with food. Shouldn’t ensuring kids a healthy start and successful education deal not only with test performance but also the necessities of living such as clothing, a safe place to be, food, health care? This is not a problem that is new yet the majority seems to be surprised and uneducated about this issue. We need to start living like it is all about the children. I’ve provided a link to Share Our Strength, a leading organization in fighting child hunger. Please visit this site and think about what is happening in your community schools and the ways you can contribute to eradicating child hunger in America and hopefully someday the world. Donate, educate, and be part of the solution.

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