Youth Hero: Ariyanna

The Youth Hero for May 2019 is Ariyanna! Ariyanna was nominated by her grandma, who said:

Ariyanna is a survivor. Through all of her moves and instability she is still a beautiful child that cares about the world. She dotes over her great-grandmother who is 89 years old. She just joined the Rhoers (a sorority girls group for young ladies aged 12 to17). She loves volunteering and helping because she grew up doing everything from the animal shelters to cleaning up neighborhoods to sporting events. She loves kids and animals and the elderly. She gets good grades in school and even received an acknowledgement from the President for consistently making the dean’s list. She loves to travel and meet people and discover new things. She has aspirations to be a family practice doctor with a flair for fashion.

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Youth Hero: Elliot

The Youth Hero for April 2019 is Elliot! Elliot was nominated by Bill Herman of the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana, who said:

“Elliot has taken his Dyslexia and made it into a superpower. He freely talks about having Dyslexia and is not embarrassed to talk about his Dyslexia. He is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it. Elliot is a proud Dyslexia Institute of Indiana alumni and an honor roll student. Elliot is a seven-time Points Champion and National Champion go-kart racer who travels the world competing, and dreams of becoming the youngest Indy 500 winner. Elliot attributes his Dyslexia to his success. When he isn’t racing or going to school, Elliot gives his free time speaking in schools and with groups of kids to raise awareness about Dyslexia. Elliot was able to address the entire Indiana House of Representative in 2018, where he told them all that he was Dyslexic, and he hoped that they all would vote to pass the Dyslexia Bill that later passed with 100% support. Also, Elliot started the fundraising campaign, Driving for Dyslexia, to help raise scholarship money for Dyslexia Institute of Indiana. Elliot’s first Driving for Dyslexia event helped raise over $18,000 for children with Dyslexia.”

When Elliot found out he had won, he said: “I’m really honored to be named a Youth Hero. Thank you so much for the award. I work hard to help kids with Dyslexia, because I know how it feels to have it, and I don’t want kids to feel like they aren’t smart because they have Dyslexia. Dyslexia doesn’t stop me; don’t let it stop you!”

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Youth Hero: Makia

The Youth Hero for March 2019 is Makia! Makia was nominated by her mother, who said:

Makia is a 14-year-old, eighth grader at World Changers School of the Arts, Inc. in Indianapolis. She is a very compassionate young lady. She has a heart for the homeless and those that are hurting. Makia is wise beyond her years. The beginning of 2018 was rocky for Makia but after spending some time at Stopover Youth Shelter, we have seen an extremely positive change in Makia’s attitude and way of life. She is a leader who wants to see the youth in her generation achieve greatness and she encourages them to do just that. Recently, she facilitated a sock drive (on her own) for the youth at Stopover. She solicited donations from family, friends and the community. She donated over 100 pair of socks.  e are so proud of Makia and hope that you will consider her a Youth Hero!

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