Family Access Network

Too often, caregivers are faced with having to travel across the city to connect to necessary services.  Co-locating services will make it easier for children, youth and families to access the assistance they need.

Family Access Network (FAN)’s mission is to promote healthy children, families, and communities by increasing access, use, and capacity of existing services through neighborhood-based partnerships and service co-location.   FAN is a provider collaborative with the vision that all children in Marion County are safe and free from abuse or neglect and their caregivers have the resources and supports necessary to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for children.

FAN’s founding partners includes:  

Available services will include early childhood education services through Family Development Services’ Head Start program.  Mental health services through Midtown Mental Health.  Positive parenting and social support through the Goodwill’s Nurse Family Partnership and  Children’s Bureaus’ Neighborhood Alliance for Child Safety (NACS).

Current projects:

FAN is piloting two projects on the Near West side of Indianapolis, with the goal that these projects can be replicated across the city.

  • Physical co-location of services:  After review of community assessments conducted by The Polis Center, the Near West side was identified as an area that would benefit most from the service model. Currently, FAN is seeking to identify a building location and/or developer for this effort.  FAN is also exploring project financing.
  • Care Pathway:  FAN is developing a system of referrals and provider linkages to lay the framework for its collective impact effort.  As a pilot, FAN will soon begin a targeted community-based prevention strategy focused on maternal depression on the Near West side of Indianapolis.
  • Natural Caregiver Program: The Natural Caregiver Program is designed to coach, educate and advocate alongside parents/caregivers and service providers. This program is part of Great Families 2020, a four-year imitative to improve family stability for vulnerable children and their parents living in five Indianapolis zip codes. Great Families 2020 integrates services in early childhood education, workforce development, health and financial support networks to serve parents and their children – together. Natural Caregivers work to expand and support social services for parents/caregivers and their children living in the Near Westside and make appropriate referrals to available service providers. Learn more about the Natural Caregiver Program here. Interested individuals can download the Natural Caregiver flyer here.
  • Great Families 2020: As part of United Way of Central Indiana’s Great Families 2020 initiative, MCCOY was granted $300,000 to partner with Hawthorne Community Center to provide services to help families on the near west side of Indianapolis. Hawthorne, which was awarded $750,000 ($250,000 per year over three years), will help approximately 115 families through its Center for Working Families and early childhood education programming. MCCOY, which will receive $100,000 per year over three years, will be providing support for these services, as well as leading efforts to recruit families and coordinating and conducting outreach and engagement.