2014 Interim Study Committee Update

The Interim Study Committees have finished meeting and most have issued their final reports.  Two that MCCOY were following related to education and criminal code, have issued recommendations that MCCOY will be advocating for during the 2015 session.  Although neither committee put forward any preliminary drafts for legislation, it is anticipated that there will be legislation filed during session.

Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code – http://iga.in.gov/documents/2cb2f002

  • Recorded Interrogations of Juveniles – the Committee recommended that legislation be filed in the next session requiring the record of interrogations of juveniles, but without impairing the administration of school functions.
  • Mandatory Appointment of Counsel in Juvenile Proceedings – the Committee voted to recommend that funding be made available to implement the mandatory appoint of counsel in juvenile cases.
  • Risk Assessment in Juvenile Delinquency Determinations and Case Planning, and Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative – the Committee voted to recognize the risk assessment by the Juvenile Delinquency Alternatives Initiative and to recommend that counties continue to implement risk assessment practices.
  • Juvenile Court Jurisdiction and Direct File to Adult Court – the Committee agreed to recommend that the General Assembly needs to address the range of ages in the juvenile waiver statute and that the Criminal Justice Institute or the Division of Court Administration should collect data concerning the number of direct file charges of juveniles in adult court.
  • Repeal of Statutes Regarding Status Offenders in Secure Detention – the Committee voted to recommend that status offenders should not be housed in the Department of Correction.

Interim Study Committee on Education – http://iga.in.gov/documents/d607990a

  • The Committee finds Early Learning Advisory Committee and Family and Social Services Administration are adequately preparing to implement Indiana‚Äôs early learning pilot program.
  • The Committee recognizes there is an issue with the reporting of discipline data and recommends additional reporting standards.
  • The Committee recommends finding alternatives to expulsion and suspension for all students, with a special focus on truancy. This recommendation was adopted by consent.
  • The Committee recommends finding alternatives to expulsion and suspension for all students, with a special focus on eliminating disparities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups.

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