If I Own My Future…2013 Own Your Future Media Arts Contest!

From January 7th to April 13th the Student Success Initiative invites Marion County middle and high school students to submit creative works that express positive messages of student achievement. The 2013 Own Your Future Media Arts Contest awards Education Awards and recognition to the top student entries in writing, infographic, and prezi presentation categories.
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To help inspire our message of academic achievement, here is the First Place entry from the Middle School writing category from the 2012 Contest:
“Own Your Future” Rap
By Bella Matthews, 7th Grade, Raymond Park Middle School
First Place Middle School Writing Category for 2012 Own Your Future Media Arts Contest
Chorus:           Here’s an easy way that you can be cool,
just get an education and go to school
If you hit those books and you take your time,
your life will be good and you’ll feel sublime.
Verse 1:          College can open up numerous options
like getting a new car and going shopping.
Because college equals job and
job equals money and
money, well, it’s really good honey.
Finally, a job that you really love
can fit you like a new pair of globes.

Verse 2:          If I own my future
I can do many things,
like land on the moon
or own the stage and sing.
If I let my brain work
and I do my best,
I’ll be able to pass
any Life test.