SLPQI and YPQA Overview

Program Components

Youth Program Quality Assessment

Organizations participating in the Program Quality effort will utilize the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality’s Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) tool.  For added data and reliability, sites will be connected to a trained and certified external assessor who will conduct two observations.  The assessor will then score and submit data to MCCOY and the participating program to be used in creating an implementing improvement plans.

Quality Improvement System

Utilizing the results of the SLPQI Assessment, each organization will create a plan and commit to a quality improvement process in late-spring. MCCOY and The Center for Youth Program Quality will provide planning assistance to organizations through the Working with Data workshop.

Training and Technical Support

Working with MCCOY staff, each organization will refine their improvement plans to leverage existing local resources and trainings, as well as new training tools designed by the Center for Youth Program Quality. Organizations that excel in quality areas will be incorporated into technical support systems as opportunities arise. Participating organizations will commit to ongoing improvement plans and can utilize MCCOY staff in realizing and facilitating those plans.

Process Overview


  • Webinar: Launch Cohort and Basic Expectations
  • External Assessments by trained assessors
  • Online Scores Reporting

    Assessment and Intervention Process
    Assessment and Intervention Process
  • Summary Data Report
  • Full Data Report

Data-Driven Planning

  • Workshop: Planning with Data
  • Improvement Plans Submitted

Improvement Plan Implementation: Ongoing

  • Additional MCCOY Support
  • Learning Network Workshops & Trainings


Join the Program Quality Effort

Interested in participating in the Program Quality effort? Organizations participating in this program commit to both the assessment and the improvement process. MCCOY will provide ongoing technical assistance to participating organizations, as well as access to a range of quality improvement resources and training tools. Organizations interested in being considered for next SLPQI cohort, contact Becky Reich. Questions, call 317-921-1266, Ext. 102.

Program Quality Sustainability. MCCOY is seeking local organizations and funders who are interested in supporting ongoing quality improvement through the institutionalization of program quality systems in central Indiana’s youth development community. MCCOY will build strategic partnerships to bring quality improvement systems to scale for all local youth services.